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A news website wholly dedicated to reporting the Nigerian health sector has been launched in Lagos.

The Nigerian Health Journal according Kingsley Obom-Egbulem , its Managing Editor, intends to satisfy the need for useful ,well researched stories on the Nigerian health sector written in an engaging prose.

“To achieve this, we are leveraging on the power of social media to access and share life saving news and information that can reverse the growing cases of preventable deaths due largely to lack of useful news and applicable health information. That is what Nigerian Health Journal is all about; news for the sake of your health”, says, Obom-Egbulem.

The website (www.nigerianhealthjournal.com )which began two years ago as a blog offering well written features, special reports, exclusive interviews and analysis of major health stories recently expanded its scope on popular demand to serve as the hub for news, information and debates on critical health issues in Nigeria. “

We are creating a one-stop market place of ideas for Nigerians to engage with those they trust with their lives and we believe this is long overdue”, says Obom-Egbulem.

Health news in most Nigerian dailies hardly ever lead the papers either as major front page or back page stories unless there is an epidemic or a major health event is happening or a personality is in town. In these circumstances, health is reported as events not necessarily as an issue with far-reaching economic ,social and even security implication.

Obom-Egbulem says “this is an anomaly that reflects weak understanding of the right to health, poor priority given to the place of health systems reforms ,universal access to quality and affordable health care and preventive medicine especially through health education within the media.”

“It is also an indictment on reporters who expect health news to just happen. When it comes to health, the news doesn’t just happen or break, you happen to the news; you literally break it. For instance, how many professors of medicine are still teaching in our colleges of medicine and how many are required to produce the quality of doctors Nigeria needs. Such news can never break, you have to break it.”

The Nigerian Health Journal according to Obom-Egbulem has taken part of the responsibility of not only holding government accountable for actions and inactions on health but would also provide a “virtual people’s court “ where anyone can be put on trial for mismanaging the health of Nigerians.

“We must start to engage so as to proliferate health information. Let’s keep talking and doing something about our health care system because if we remain silent and allow politicians to keep politicking with our health, by the time they are out of office, we would definitely have need for more morgues, hospices and graveyards.”

Health news competes with football, entertainment, celebrity gossips and the horse-trading within our political clime. And Obom-Egbulem says “because health is a matter of life and death health news must compete well and that means being innovative. It also means that health news should be sexy, sassy and smashing without losing its capacity to activate positive change”.

For more information contact:editor@nigerianhealthjournal.com


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