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Compiled by Kingsley Obom-Egbulem


Number of doctors in Nigeria


Number of accredited medical schools in Nigeria

2,392 and 1,529

**The number of Nigerian doctors practicing in the US and UK respectively

39 per 100,000 populations

Ratio of patients to a doctor in Nigeria:


The average salary( at entry point) of a Nigerian doctor employed in government  run hospital


Estimated number of Nigerian doctors that migrated overseas in 2007

Figure calculated using proxy data like requests for certificate of good standing

69% of Nigeria’s health budget spent on tertiary care(Prof.Babatunde Osotimehin,March 2010)


The percentage of Nigeria’s health budget spent in urban areas where 30% of the population resides


The percentage of Nigeria’s budget allocated to health.To actualize the goals of the MDGs’ and solve most of health care problems, Nigeria is expected to spend 15% of its total budget on health.

N39.6 billion

Nigeria’s allocation to the health sector in the 2009 budget.The entire budget was

*46.94 years

Life expectancy at birth: total population:
male: 46.16 years ;female: 47.76 years (2009 est.)


Nigeria’s Population

*1 in 18

Risk of Maternal Death

*75 out of every 1000 births

Infant Mortality rate


HIV/AIDS Prevalence(based on 2008 sero-prevalence survey)


Amount spent by Bill Gates in eradicating Polio in Nigeria.Gates have spent N1.2 Trillion Naira on polio eradication globally.This amount is 1/3 of Nigeria’s 2010 budget of 4.079 Trillion Naira.


*Source: Population Reference Bureau, 2010


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